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About Us

As part of a holding of several companies involved in viticulture, wine and spirits production and wine-trading the project “AYA” is the heir of generation-spanning viticultural knowledge with over 80 years of traditional artisanal wine- making experience.

Centuries old tradition

Wine production in Bulgaria dates back to the time of the Thracians - 4 millennia ago and has not stopped despite the vicissitudes of fate in these lands. Every Bulgarian has probably touched on this area at some point in their lives. However for some of them it is not just about points of contact, but deep roots in this field, with accumulated knowledge and success - at home and abroad.


Participation in the cooperative "Sungurlarski misket"

The ancestors of “AYA” have been engaged in wine production for over 80 years, even in the times before the Second World War, with the production and export of Sungurlar Misket to Western Europe. After WWII, the lands were nationalised, but there was still room for small family production.

First feelings about wine for the kids, not as a drink, but as a wine production, date back to childhood, when an important task for them is to “tread / crush barefoot” the freshly picked Sungurlar misket grapes in the concrete tank in the backyard as the pure juice flows from it to the prepared barrels and kegs.


The revival of this tradition was marked by “AYA”’s first investments in 2014 in 10 hectares of vineyards near Kavarna, just a few kilometers from the shores of the Black Sea and the picturesque Cape Kaliakra.


In 2015, an other opportunity led to more investments at the opposite corner of Bulgaria, near the border with Greece.


Investment in a distillery - Seewines Spirit, close to the village of Lesichovo, Pazardzhik municipality


Investment in vineyards and winery project in Italy - Riparbella, Tuscany - Colline Albelle

Our mission

To be a guardian and restorer of the good wine traditions in the Melnik region, in order to preserve, restore and promote endemic, indigenous varieties - for the region and for Bulgaria.

Our vision

To be an ambassador for local, autochthonous varieties, to promote typical Bulgarian wines in the country and abroad.

According to our main belief, working with and not against nature, our vines are raised following the principles of biodynamic. We integrade nature into our cause and it helps us to create a harmonious world in which each element is in balance, has its place and meaning. In our vineyards you can see life in all its glory - ladybugs, worms, grasses, weeds, flowers, bees, etc. - biodiversity supporting the vineyards we grow.