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Cookies Policy

for the website of AYA Estate Vineyards

In our effort to offer you a better user experience on our website, as well as to guarantee its smooth functioning and to improve the services we provide to you, we use cookies. By using our website, you agree to this. We are fully committed to the defense of the inviolability of your personal data, while using our website. The current document serves to explain your rights, regarding the protection of the personal data that we process, with the help of specialized web-technologies for storage and access to data, saved on your device.

The cookies, that we use on our website, do not save data, through which users can be directly identified. If in the course of using one of the services, provided on our website, you provie personal data, they will not be later transferred to any third party, unless it is explicitly stated in our Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?
Cookies are essentially tiny text files, which contain certain information. Whenever you visit our website, cookies are saved on your computer or mobile device, some of which are later deleted automatically when the website is closed. Other types of cookies are kept on your device and are being send back to the website, with each visit, or they are sent to another website, which recognizes and uses them.

Cookies allow us to recognize you whenever you visit our website, so as to allow us to personalize your experience.
Cookies perform a variety of tasks, as for example, they allow for the efficient managing of pages, saving the password for use on a later visit. They remember your specification for when you transfer in-between pages. Cookies may also be used for the personalization of ads you see while browsing.

What types of cookies do we use?
Functional or strictly necessary cookies
We use cookies, which allow the websites to save your actions and preferences (i.e. language, age, font size, others) for a specific period of time, so as you are not required to enter hem every time you visit the website or transfer from one page to another.
These cookies assist with the general transfer of information, in regard to your using of the internet, and are being saved in response to actions performed by you.
For the use of these cookies, we do not need you to provide us with your explicit consent. However, if you still do not wish for these cookies to be saved on your device, you may change the settings to the browser you use, so as to block them. Keep in mind that this will lead to an inability for you to use some or all parts of our website.

Efficiency cookies
These cookies are used to count the visits and traffic sources, through which we are notified, regarding which pages are the most popular, as well as to track how website users navigate through the pages.
The information gathered by the means of these cookies are used to create generalized information for the popularity and functioning of the website.
To use these cookies, we require your consent. If you do not allow us to apply them, we will have no way of knowing when you have visited our website, and will not be able to track its efficiency.
If you had previously given your consent, but change your mind on a later date, you may deactivate these cookies at any time by changing the privacy settings to the browser you use.

Advertisement cookies Advertisement cookies are set on the website of the vineyards, by our advertising partners, who based on the information gathered by the cookies, build a profile for each individual user, with their specific interests and preferences. These cookies are used to show you more relevant ads based on the data collected regarding you. This way in the future you may be recommended the same, or at least similar products.

To use these cookies, we require your consent. If you had previously given your consent, but change your mind on a later date, you may deactivate these cookies at any time by changing the privacy settings to the browser you use.

On our website we use two types of cookies: Session cookies.
These are temporary cookies, which are active only while the user is accessing the website (or more specifically, until the user leaves the page website and closes the browser). Session cookies allow for the website to remember the steps the user made on the previous page, thus solving the problem of having to enter the same data twice.

Persistent cookies
Persistent cookies remain on the user’s device, after the visit of the website s concluded. These cookies allow us to individually identify each user, by saving the information as a randomly generated numeric code. How long the cookie is going to be kept stored on the device, depends on the cookie itself.
In regards to whether cookies are set by us or by other organizations with our permission, cookies can be divided into first-party cookies and third-party cookies. Third party cookies usually do not contribute to the functionality of the website, and are instead used to extract information about your browsing, preferences, etc.

More in-depth information about how organizations use cookies, can be found at www.allaboutcookies.com