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Ayano Shiroka Melnishka loza


Ayano Shiroka Melnishka loza

Ruby red colour and fruity aromas of sour cherry - the wine has a beautiful herbal and peppery teaste, typical for the variety. The soft and balanced tannins pair well with cheeses, light meats and grilled vegetables. Its piquant nuances makes it a perfect match for a rich chocolate soufflé. Serve slightly cold.

2018 - Decanter Awards Bronze
88 points 2018 - Silver medal at BIWC

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Style: Dry Red wine

Grape Variety: Broad leaved Melnik

Vintage information: Alcohol – 14 об.% ; Residual sugars – 2.6 g/L; Acidity – 4.8 g/L

Terroir:: The vineyards are located in the hilly terrain surrounding the highly prized village of Harsovo, in the township of Sandanski, facing mostly south. The average vine age is around 50 years with a deep root system allowing the vine to access minerals and nutrients, which naturally impacts the structure and terroir expressiveness of the resulting wine. The philosophy of Seewines is to follow entirely organic and biodynamic principles in both vineyards. The soils are sandy with a high percentage of limestone and a low content of humus with a typical for the region light-yellowish colour. The climate is warm mainly due to constant breezes blowing from the Aegean Sea, with, however, high diurnal variation due to the cooling winds descending from the surrounding mountains - Slavyanka, Belasica and Pirin. This influence of the Mediterranean Sea also contributes to the minimal rains during August and their peak after picking (October-November), all of which helps the grapes reach the optimal maturity for this typical late-ripening variety.


Grapes are picked up in the middle of October upon reaching the optimal sugar and phenolic characteristics. Harvest is done solely by hand in small baskets with the intent to keep the grapes sound and healthy. The fermentation is spontaneous in stainless steel tanks and in rotation French oak barrels which add to the final complex profile of the wine. Part of the wine ages in 400l barrel, specially made for Shiroka Melnishka Loza, while the other part is kept in stainless steel to preserve the freshness and fruitiness. The wine has a Guaranteed and Protected Name of Origin.

Tasting notes:

The colour is ruby red. On the nose the wine has fruity aromas of sour cherry, white cherry and a tender strawberry tone. The tannins are soft and balanced with a nice freshness. The wine has a beautiful herbal and peppery feeling, typical for the variety. The body is middle and the finish - a true fruity explosion.

Sour Cherry Sour Cherry
Chocolate Chocolate
Strawberry Strawberry
Spices Spices

Food pairing:

Serve slightly cold. A perfect combination is with typical Bulgarian dishes but also pairs well with cheeses, light meats and grilled vegetables. Its piquant nuances make it a perfect accompaniment to a chocolate souffle as a rich end to a nice dinner.

Soft Cheese
Soft Cheese
Roasted Vegetables
Roasted Vegetables
White Meats
White Meats

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