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Colorito Merlot, Cabernet Franc

Merlot and Cabernet Franc are the two partners in this typical blend. The colour is deep red, and the aroma - filled with pleasant tones of dark wild berries, plums and blackberries. Part of the wine matures in oak, which contributes to the delicate vanilla notes and pleasant smokiness. The delicate spiciness in the finish and the long-lasting feeling of well-ripened fruit make it a great companion for aged hard cheeses, but also for dishes with roasted meats, game and grilled vegetables.

2019 - Silver medal at BIWC

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Type: Dry red winе

Grape variety: Merlot, Cabernet Franc

Vintage information: Alcohol – 13,39% ; Sugars – 1.4 g/L; TA – 6.04 g/L

Terroir: The grapes for this wine come from the plots in the village of Kromidovo, as the vineyards with merlot are young - 4 years old, while those with Cabernet Franc are over 30 years old. The climate is warm with large diurnal amplitudes, and the surrounding mountains and air currents coming from the Aegean Sea have a direct impact on it. The soils are sandy with a high percentage of limestone. The vineyards are grown in strict compliance with biodynamic practices in viticulture, which contributes to a clear terroir expression in the final product. The fruit of the well-developed old vineyards contributes to more depth in the structure of the wine.


The warm climate determines the early harvest of both varieties - for Merlot in the last week of August, and for Cabernet Franc - the first week of September, when the grapes from each plot have reached the desired optimal characteristics. The fermentation is carried out in separate tanks, previously going through a stage of cold maceration for about a week. After fermentation, Cabernet Franc and about 20% of Merlot are aged for about 10 months in old French oak barrels. Thus, in the final blend, the amount of wine aged in oak is not more than 1/3, which contributes to the pronounced fruity aroma and taste.

Tasting notes

The color is deep red, and the body - medium. Pleasant tones of dark berries and stones such as prunes and blackberries can be sensed on the nose. The taste overlaps with the aroma, complemented by delicate vanilla notes, delicate smokiness and palpable freshness. The tannins are well integrated and the aftertaste is long leaving a feeling of well-ripened fruit and a touch of spiciness.

Black Pepper Black Pepper
Red berries Red Berries
Herbs Herbs

Food pairing:

Dishes with roasted meats, game and grilled vegetables go perfectly well with the wine. Aged hard cheeses are also a very good choice for pairing.

Red Meats
Red Meats
Hard Cheese
Hard Cheese
Hot Peppers
Roasted Vegetables

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