Shiroka Melnishka Loza, Pinot Noir


Colorito Shiroka Melnishka Loza, Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir from the Black Sea terroir and Broadleaved Melnik vine from the hot Southwest corner of Bulgaria with its strong Mediterranean influence - two delicate varieties that perfectly complement each other in this blend. Shiny ruby ​​colour, delicate structure and a slight nuance of sweetness. The aromas of herbs and red berries are followed by the typical peppery notes in the taste, dried flowers and stone fruits. This extravaganza of fruity freshness would pair smoothly with pasta and grilled vegetables, but for connoisseurs we strongly recommend a combination with light chocolate desserts.

2019 - Bronze medal at DWWA
2021 - Silver medal at BIWC
2021 - Bronze medal at DWWA

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Type: Dry red winе

Grape variety: Broad Leaved Melnik, Pinot Noir

Vintage information: Alcohol – 13,33% ; Sugars – 1.9 g/L; TA – 5.74 g/L

Terroir: The parcels of Broad Leaved Melnik are located around the villages of Harsovo and Kromidovo, to the South-West of Bulgaria and the vines are 40-60 years old which contributes to the elegant structure and terroir expression of the wine.

The climate is warm with large diurnal amplitudes, and the surrounding mountains and air currents coming from the Aegean Sea have a direct impact on it. The 1,8 ha vineyards of Pinot Noir are located in the region of Kavarna town, to the North-East of Bulgaria. The climate is dominated by the constant breezes from the Black Sea which help in keeping the sugar levels and acidity in the grapes in balance. The philosophy of Seewines is to follow entirely organic and biodynamic principles in both vineyards, with the aim of stimulating growth of healthy and deep root system.


Pinot Noir is a relatively early ripening variety and is harvested in early September. Broadleaved Melnik vine is a late-ripening variety that is harvested in early October. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in separate tanks, and the delicate structure of both grape varieties determines the maceration before fermentation to be no more than a week, and after fermentation - only 3-4 days to prevent excessive extraction of phenolic compounds. The wines are aged for about 10 months in lightly toasted French oak barrels, of which only 20% are new. After reaching the desired organoleptic characteristics, the wines are blended and bottled. The series is limited to 2560 bottles.

Tasting notes

The color is sparkling, transparent, ruby red. The aroma is dominated by notes of red fruits and herbs, characteristic of both varieties. The wine has a delicate structure, smooth tannins and a slight hint of sweetness. The taste is dominated by strong peppery notes, red berries and stone fruits, dried flowers. The aftertaste is long and leaves a feeling of fruity freshness.

Black Pepper Black Pepper
Red berries Red Berries
Herbs Herbs

Food pairing:

Enjoy the wine paired with pasta and grilled vegetables, as well as meat dishes with red sauces, even with light chocolate desserts.

Red Meats
Red Meats
Hot Peppers
Roasted Vegetables

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