ДНИ НА ОТВОРЕНИТЕ ВРАТИ В АЙЯ ЕСТЕЙТ / 17-18.02.2024г. Научете повече

Aya Estate Vineyards is a place of vibrant culture, of art, of unforgettable experiences, coupled with world-class hospitality that evokes excitement.

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Rudi Ninov

AyaDoodles in the Barrel Hall

Nedko Solakov

Audio-Visual Art

Eli Joteva

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Marianne Lang

Wine, in fact, like gastronomy, is above all an expression of culture and of a cultural way of life, which is one of the distinctive features of modern man, including all senses and perspectives. It is one of the noblest fruits of the earth, the synthesis of teamwork between nature and man, whose goal must always be harmony. At Aya Estate Vineyards, we believe that to achieve this harmony and balance, just as one takes care of one's body, one must also take care of one's spirit. And here art comes to the rescue - in all its manifestations.

With us, you will find unique works by Bulgarian and foreign authors, inspired by the unique nature and the feeling of freedom and balance to which everyone at Aya Estate Vineyards strives.

We support the belief that wine is a form of art and turn the winery into an impressive art gallery - a temple of art created by man for man.