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Welcome to our Winery

Wine is an art

Winemaking is a kind of art

This is the core principle of our winery - gravity and minimal human intervention allow nature to express terroir at its best.

By crossing the Zen garden in the atrium, guests can assist the wine production process. They can taste and buy our exquisite wines as well as store their private collections in our wine cellar.

  • 5 000m2 area
  • 3 floors
  • 14000m2 total built area
  • 250 000 bottles maximum capacity
  • Tasting rooms overlooking the barrel room
  • Cellar and storage room for private wine collections


Once all our vines are in full production we will be able to produce up to 250000 bottles a year.

We also follow the principles of biodynamics in the winery in the production of our own wines. Here we rely on the youthful spirit and enthusiasm of Kiril Miladinov, under whose expert guidance the wonderful fruits of the field are carefully transformed into the powerful grape elixir in the bottles of Aya Estate Vineyards.

Kiril Miladinov

He started his oenological career in 2007 and has been gathering experience in large and smaller companies for 16 years. These years devoted to winemaking met him with different people and characters, which built his own management skills and visions for the development of winemaking.

2013 was a turning point for him - he started a new challenge in his career development by accepting the offer to become part of the team of one of the first producers of certified organic wine in Bulgaria. This gives him the opportunity to experiment - mainly with local, endemic varieties, but also with international ones (over 26 species), which broadens his knowledge and outlook.

At Aya Estate Vineyards, he was drawn to the idea of the importance of indigenous varieties, their preservation and the return of interest to them on the international wine scene. Kiril sees winemaking not just as a job, but as something one creates to bring pleasure and delight to the senses. Kiril has been through the ringer with the wine he makes and is not at all inclined to put up with mediocrity, because he believes that his product represents not only him, but also his country.

Welcome to AYA Estate Vineyards

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