Welcome to our Winery

Wine is an art

Winemaking is a kind of art

This is the core principle of our winery - gravity and minimal human intervention allow nature to express terroir at its best.

By crossing the Zen garden in the atrium, guests can assist the wine production process. They can taste and buy our exquisite wines as well as store their private collections in our wine cellar.

  • 5 000m2 area
  • 3 floors
  • 14000m2 total built area
  • 250 000 bottles maximum capacity
  • Tasting rooms overlooking the barrel room
  • Cellar and storage room for private wine collections


Once all our vines are in full production we will be able to produce up to 250000 bottles a year. For now we are still in the growing process - thus we have only 3 vintages in the market - 2017, 2018 and 2019 .

We also follow the principles of biodynamics in the winery in the production of our own wines. Here we rely on the youthful spirit and enthusiasm of the tandem Julian Reneaud and Mariana Galabova (Mani), under whose expert guidance the wonderful fruits of the field are carefully transformed into the powerful grape elixir in the bottles of Colorito, Ayano and Disegno.

Mariana Galabova

She is a wonderful organoleptic and she navigates excellently in the sensory characteristics of wine. Mariana knows that wine production begins at the vineyard so you'll find her with the vines, at the cellar, keeping a strict eye on the quality of the grapes and the grape juice. It is no coincidence that she's about to get her second Master's (the first one being for oenology), this time in agronomy with a degree in an international course of Plant Medicine.
Mariana is part of the new generation of winemakers and it's no wonder that her initials are MAG – she works her magic with the grapes and is willing to experiment with varieties and sorts of wine. She's the talent behind our fresh and expressive Melnik 55 bottle, as well as the favourite gem in the Disegno collection – the delicate Petit Manseng dessert wine.

Julian Reneaud

Julian Reneaud discovered his passion for wine thanks to his grandfather who was a winemaker in Corbières, Southern France. He first began making wine at the age of 14 and studied viticulture in Toulouse and Montpelier. After completing his two Master's degrees in agronomy and oenology Julian moved to California where he got involved with one of the most famous wineries in the world, Opus One.
Since 2014 he has been leading the organic and biodynamic winery Caiarossa in Tuscany and teaching winemakers around the world about organic and biodynamic principles. Julian Renaud believes that the right way for wine to express the true potential of the terroir is through minimal intervention of the oenologist during the vinification process.

“I grew up in the Corbières appellation in the South of France, playing in the family vineyards and winery. Although this childhood usually awakes some passion for wine, my rebel mind pushed me far away from the South of France with two tours around the world, one toward the East and then toward the West after graduating my two Master’s degrees in Agronomy and Winemaking. Discovering the biodynamic principles on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay at Flowers Vineyards and Winery in the Sonoma Coast started to build my conception of winemaking. My experiences at Opus One, California, Caiarossa, Italy and some consulting in France, Italy, Bulgaria and China gave me the chance to define and experience further my ideas and philosophy for winemaking.
In 2018, I decided to focus on two projects ; Colline Albelle in Riparbella, one of the rising appellations in Tuscany, and Aya in Bulgaria, one of the most ambitious project I have ever seen. I believe those two projects will be the greatest patch to express my vision : Sustainability, balance and respect. True expression of terroir through indigenous varieties. One parcel, one variety, one vintage.”

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